Types of cocktails shakers, what cocktail shaker to choose?

Cocktail shakers are a must whether they are Boston shakers, cobbler shakers or Parisian shakers and choosing a cocktail shaker can be a difficult task! We talked a little about cocktails, how to make them, using the right ingredients to enjoy a great drink, however I ought to mention some words about one important tool when creating delicious cocktails, the cocktail shaker.

I could start talking a little about shakers’ history, but I doubt someone would be interested in this kind of information, but rather this post will answer questions like how many types of cocktails shakers are available, what material are they made of and so on. What would be a rum martini recipe without a cocktail shaker, right?

We mentioned above categories of cocktail shakers, let’s talk a little about each and any, but before, when buying a cocktail shaker the most important thing is to make sure it features plenty of room for all ingredients to be mixed with ice. It does not matter if the shaker is pink, well designed and so on, these are only a part of each person’s taste.

Ok, so the first and most used type of cocktail shaker is the cobbler shaker – traditional one. It is composed of three parts: a metal base, a top and a cap. Before using it one should remove the cap, add the ingredients for the drink, add the cap and “work”. However, this is mostly used in homes rather than in pubs and bars, due to its slow-roll.
On the other hand, a Boston shaker has a glass cup and a metal base. It is a must to use a bar strainer when using this kind of shaker while the resulted cocktail will be poured through it as a uniformed drink.

Why metal is most used for cocktail shakers? you might ask. Well, it’s logical: the metal chills the drink while it’s a great heat/cold conductor. However you might find plastic or glass cocktail shakers as well, I do not recommend those though.
For personal use, traditional cocktail shakers are best, you could choose a great deal from Amazon’s offers. There are literally tens of products to choose from for stainless steel cocktail shakers to silver cocktail shakers and even personalized cocktail shakers. Best cocktail shaker to choose? Though question: the one that suits one’s needs.

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