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Mojito with Malibu recipe is a delicious Cuban cocktail recipe I always serve my friends with when we are on a cocktails’ day. It is not so difficult to create it, below I will write the recipe for 4 persons serving.

First, we need 4 oz Malibu coconut rum, 4 oz club soda, mint (16 leaves), 4 sugar tablespoons and lime. All will be served in a highball glass. Crush the mint leaves inside each four glasses with a fork, no need to do this a lot while the flavor is released quite fast. Second, add the lime juice (you must also prepare some lime wedges, for garnishing) and the sugar and mix the ingredients. Now comes the freezing part! Add ice, but do not fill the glass; add 1 oz Malibu coconut rum in each glass and mix again.

Pour the club soda, stir well with a straw, garnish with the lime wedges I told you above and use some mint leaves as well. If you would like to make it in the traditional way, use spearmint instead of mint, I think it’s not so hard to find in local herbs shops.

This would be a great cocktail to serve with your friends, exactly like Ernest Hemingway was thinking, while Mojito was his favorite drink and he is one of my favorite writers.

Of course different cultures made their own Mojito variation, for example Mexican Mojito uses tequila instead of rum, have not tried it yet but it definitely sounds interesting. Also, it would be great to replace the sugar with brown sugar syrup and make a Dirty Mojito, but for now we’ll stick with the traditional Mojito with Malibu rum recipe. Maybe later….