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The Tropical Banana Flavor was launched in March 2007 in Canada and U.S.A. After a couple of researches showing the population’s demand for this flavor and seeing that bananas were then the no. 1 fruit consumed in the US, the launch of this new aroma was a natural move for the producers.

Malibu Tropical Banana mixes together the true taste of bananas with white rum, the results being a strong Caribbean bond, an outstanding clear flavor demarcation and a unique aroma. Although this smooth banana taste it’s like a call to enjoy more and more of this drink, you should keep in mind that there are about 70 calories for this aroma, so watch out girls!

Here are three cocktails’ examples using the Tropical Banana sort of rum:

Malibu Green Monkey

The ingredients for this cocktail are:

½ parts Malibu Tropical Banana rum

½ parts Midori melon liqueur

½ parts fresh sour

½ parts fresh pineapple juice

Put all together, mix and drink from a tall glass with ice.

Malibu Slippery Banana

This is one of my favorites, while it uses two sorts of Malibu rum:
0.5 oz Malibu Coconut Rum

0.5 oz Malibu Tropical Banana Rum

0.5 oz fresh pineapple juice

A bit of cherry juice for color

Malibu Tropical Sunrise
8 shots Malibu Tropical Banana Rum
4 shots triple sec
8 shots orange juice
8 shots pineapple juice
2 shot grenadine syrup
4 cherries

This is for four persons, so fill the glasses with crushed ice ( half of its should be enough ). Add triple sec, fresh orange and pineapple juice and rum, mix its and add grenadine syrup with the cherries on top.

Although the most known and drank variation is Malibu Coconut Rum, the market also offers other Malibu Rum flavors for that fans to enjoy in their hot days. Therefore, here is what you could encounter when heading to buy some liqueur from a liqueur store:

Malibu Lime was produced and sold only until 2003 due to its lack of popularity in France and Jamaica. As the title says, its major flavor was Lime.

Malibu Pineapple Rum – higher number of calories and carbs than the coconut rum. Lower alcohol volume – 20% – makes this a very easy to drink rum. If the coconut version seems to sweet, the pineapple one could do the trick. Rum taste is not so prominent though…

Malibu Tropical Banana Rum – mix banana flavor with white rum and you have this brilliant drink, yummy!

Malibu Passion Fruit Rum – this one seems the most disappointing, while when drinking it it’s like discovering a new children drink. So, so sweet…

Malibu Mango Rum – when opened, thoughts fly to tropics instantly! Of course, its taste is sweet, but predominant notes are given by mango, apricot and citrus. 69 calories, no fats or carbs.

Malibu Island Melon Rum – yea, right, I’ll stick to the original coconut one.

As you see, there are actual 6 variations of Malibu Rum, but in the end, it all depends on a person’s taste. Which one do you prefer most and why?