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Rum Martini is one of the most enjoyable cocktails I’ve ever had, however the past “gin and vermouth” mix is nothing more than an “oldies but goodies”. But as our blog is made around Malibu rum drinks, let’s try to sketch a recipe for Rum Martini, a variation made with Malibu rum. Also, let’s add more recipes for people to choose the one that fancy their tastes better, but all of these will have one thing in common: the Rum Martini cocktail should be well chilled before drinking it, as well as the glass in which you will serve the drink.

The easiest and oldest recipe is, as I was saying, 1 ½ oz rum and 1 ½ tsp dry vermouth. Fill have of a mixing glass with ice cubes, stir and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an olive and serve cold.

The second Rum Martini recipe contains this time some orange bitters. 2 oz Malibu rum, ½ oz dry vermouth and 2 dashes orange bitters. Chill, pour into a chilled glass and serve garnished with an olive.

Here comes my favorite, the Caribbean Martini! This requires a little more preparation while you should get a cherry and moisten the glass’ edge, yummy! Use 1 oz vodka, 1 oz Malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice and mango puree. Blend the mix with ice, pour in the Martini glass moisten with the cherry, garnish it with a cherry and enjoy!

Our fourth Rum Martini cocktail comes under Almond Joy name, or at least I consider the Almond Joy a Martini, am I wrong? Use 3 oz Malibu rum, 1.5oz amaretto, 1oz kahlua ,1 oz chocolate liqueur and throw away some vodka above. Mix all the ingredients into a shaker with ice, stir into glasses and garnish with some nice chocolate syrup.

There are a few more Rum Martini recipes that I enjoy, made with Malibu coconut rum, however these four I consider the best a mouth can taste. Enjoy responsible, right?

In 2009, on April 20th , Malibu Island Melon Flavor hit the market with an island spirit that perfectly responded to consumers’ demand for this fresh flavor. This new Malibu rum drink was first tested on a large number of consumers, and due to the positive replies they got it was time for it to become available worldwide.

Distilled by the West Indies Rum Refinery, this flavor comes with a clear melon taste, distilled from fermented molasses. Malibu Island Melon is available in 50ml, 750ml, 1L and 1.75L sizes, with prices around $13.95 for a 750ml bottle.

This flavor inspired a lot of new fresh rum cocktails, and bartenders all over the world created some astonishing rum drinks using this new flavor. Of course, it is our duty to show-off some of its that could inspire you in creating a great Malibu rum melon-flavored drink.

Malibu Coco-Melon Colada

As ingredients, use 1 part Malibu Island Melon flavored rum, 3 parts ice tea and splash lemon-lime soda. Use a tall glass, mix all the ingredients in it and fill with ice.

Malibu Melon Baller

For this Malibu cocktail, one should use 2 parts Malibu Island Melon, 1 part Vodka, 2 parts orange juice. Same as above, mix all the ingredients in a tall iced glass.

Malibu Cran-Melon

The ingredients are somehow as for Malibu Melon Baller, different measures though. 1 part Vodka, 1 part Malibu Island Melon, 3 parts cranberry juice. Use a shaker to mix all the ingredients and pour the mix in a Martini glass.

Whatever cocktail you will create from this marvelous drink, do not forget one important thing: always drink responsible!