Sunshine in Malibu – Malibu Rum and Little Miss Sunshine together

Even though this movie was released on 7 January 2007, the Sunshine in Malibu cocktail worth a remember while it was created especially for that very movie.

This cocktail is a fine mix of orange juice, Mango Malibu Rum and Pineapple Malibu Rum and it’s the drink that makes the difference between a hot day at the Oscar Awards or on the beach and a fresh, breezy one.

So here is a recipe for this cocktail:

You will need
1 oz – Mango Malibu Rum
1 oz – Pineapple Malibu Rum
Orange Juice – fills the glass

How it’s done? Simple: fill the glass with ice cubes, pour both rums and complete the fresh cocktail with orange juice. Decorate the glass with mango, kiwi or orange and enjoy.

Tasty and refreshing!

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