Strawberry parfait with Malibu rum sauce

This is one of the best recipes for something sweet after a heavy meal, using the Malibu coconut rum and other ingredients listed below.

400ml coconut milk
200g white chocolate
600g strawberries
7 sugar tablespoons
300ml sweet sour cream
5 tablespoons Malibu coconut rum

Parfait’s preparation starts with pouring coconut milk in a saucepan and add the white chocolate after. After the chocolate has melted, pour the mixture into a bowl and let the mixture cool. Meanwhile, grease with oil a rectangular server and cover the bottom with an Aluminum foil.

Take 150g strawberries and two sugar tablespoons, mix its with an electric mixer until they become a puree. Pass the mash through a sieve then cut in very tiny slices the remaining strawberries.

In another bowl mix the cream with the last two sugar tablespoons and Malibu rum until it curdles, then add it in the coconut blend with the strawberry and the puree. Put all the composition in a pan and let it cool for five hours, until it’s frozen.

Three hours before serving this dessert prepare the sauce by mixing two sugar tablespoons with three Malibu rum tablespoons and 400 g sliced strawberries and leave the sauce in the freezer for a couple of hours. Remove the parfait from your refrigerator one hour before serving it. Take it out of its foil, cut it into eight thick slices and pour the strawberries sauce over it.

According to my girlfriend, the cooking time for this Malibu parfait is 40 minutes, with a medium complexity.
Nutritional value….This could be a little hit for weight loss fans, it contains 406 calories, but you won’t eat it like each and every day, right? Enjoy this wonderful recipe brought for you by my girlfriend, it really worth a try!

Malibu Rum

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  1. I tasted something similar (coconut milk with rum) when I went to Goa, India. I rarely drink alcohol but this cocktail was excellent and does have quite a kick.

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