Malibu Rum

I write articles about Malibu Rum, Rum Drinks and Rum Cocktails.


  1. As for me i am not fun of experimenting. Classic os always cool, so i would stick to genuine Malibu it is perfect for cocktails. But anyhow i am looking forward to try thesse new flavors. Vote for citrus!

  2. i would like to know where can i continue to buy malibu cosmo carribian cocktail winndixie liquors ca’t seem to purchase anymore this cocktail is great

  3. Wife loves the Cranberry Cherry, but it is hard to find in stores. Is this just a trial flavor? Thanks.

    • Same here Cliff. My wife loves the Cranberry Cherry and is almost impossible to find anymore. We can’t get it in Pennsylvania. We used to buy it by the case in Delaware, but it is now discontinued. We do know of a Liquor store in Fort Lauderdale that still has quite a few bottles. Looks like a vacation in the sunshine state is in the near future with an empty piece of luggage!!!!! LOL

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