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Lately, I have received many questions by email, mostly general, about Malibu rum. Although I answer with kindness about this marvelous drink, those questions are starting to repeat themselves. I thought it would be great to create a list of the most repeated questions I’ve received, maybe other folks searching for the same information about this rum will find its in this post.

Therefore, here are the top questions received about Malibu rum:

1. What proof is Malibu rum?

This is an easy one. Malibu rum is 42 proof.

2. Malibu rum nutrition information

You would say “yea, sure, only girls are asking how many calories Malibu rum contains”, however, most questions come from men. Well this question usually has more answers while each Malibu rum flavor contains a different number of calories, so here are is the Malibu rum calories list:
– Malibu coconut rum contains 51 calories
– Malibu banana rum has 69 calories
– Malibu mango rum same number of calories as the banana flavor
– Malibu passion fruit rum also, 69 calories
– And last, Malibu pineapple rum…yes, you already guessed, 69 calories
I will come back in a later post with much more detailed information about each Malibu rum flavor’s nutrition information, while some ask “how many carbs are in Malibu rum” or “Does Malibu mango rum contains any fats?”. Stay tuned for a new post about these questions.

3. How much is a bottle of Malibu rum?

This is a really hard question. Why? Because it differs from country to country, from shop to shop. And, of course, price of Malibu rum differs sometimes from flavor to flavor. Now and again, here are some informative prices for this drink, the rum prices are taken from a U.S. online store, so you might find cheaper or higher prices near you:
Malibu coconut rum price vary from $13.95 for a 750ml bottle to $20.95 for a 1L bottle
– Malibu island melon price is around $13.95 for a 750ml bottle
– Malibu mango rum price the same for 750ml, although this also comes in 1.75L bottle, with a price of around $30.90
– Malibu passion fruit price also $13.95 for 750ml
– Malibu pineapple rum price is around $1.45…for 50ml
– Malibu tropical banana price same, $13.95 for 750ml bottle

4. Malibu rum alcohol content

Well, you know this is a serious easy going rum right? The Malibu rum alcohol percentage is 21%.

I really hope this post will answer some of your questions about Malibu rum.

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  1. Well then, if this is 42 proof, this is fairly alcoholic compared to traditional rhum.

  2. I think that the men asking about the calories of Malibu are really into fitness. I used to drink Malibu when I was young but my choice is coke and rum.

  3. is anybody if you leaving the house sometimes? You can see the price in the shop, as well as the alcohol percentage on the bottle. By the way, 42 proof is not strong compared to other rum, as the specialist already stated it’s equal to 21% alcohol only.
    Who ‘d ever ask about the amount of calories in an alcoholic drink should consider not drinking alcohol at all.
    And you drink it how you want, with or without ice at any temperature.
    Is this a gay forum by the way?

    • First I was thinking not to approve your comment, you’re being way too rude…however.
      1. this is a blog, not a forum, written by one of biggest Malibu rum fans
      2. not gay at all
      3. there are folks trying to buy rum online and they might be interested in alcohol percentage and calories, especially women
      4. i do not think you are in the proper position to tell me what to write on MY blog or not, you don’t like it don’t read, move forward; there are many loyal readers of this blog and I love writing for them and sharing all kind of stuff
      5. did I say somewhere 21% means strong?
      6. glad you have stopped by

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