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Although my word must not be taken so serious, this post will reveal the top Malibu rum cocktails in the world, based of course on my taste and opinion. With hundreds, thousands even cocktails related to this drink it would be incredibly difficult to say “this is no.1” or “this is no. 10”, however here it comes below.
1. Malibu Sparkler cocktail – take those ingredients listed below; mix the Malibu rum with grapefruit juice, syrup and ice and shake its. Strain the mix into a champagne glass, mix with champagne and serve it garnished with a strawberry, or two. I consider this a ladies’ cocktail but hey, men can like it as well, does not sound gay at all, right?
• 1 oz Malibu rum
• 1 oz Ruby Red grapefruit juice
• Grenadine syrup
• For filling the glass, G.H. Mumm Champagne

2. The Malibu Island Blossom cocktail contains something that makes you drool all over the table – pre-marinated fresh fruit pieces with Malibu Passion Fruit rum and lime juice, delicious. It also needs one part pomegranate juice, ¼ parts simple syrup, 1 part orange juice, ½ parts Soho lychee liqueur and 2 parts Tezon Blanco tequilla. Mix the tequilla, syrup, pomegranate juice, orange juice and the liqueur with the pre-marinated fruit pieces in a mixing glass, pour the mix in a rocks glass over some ice and serve it in silence. Wonderful!

3. And now, on the 3rd spot, coming from the far away Islands of Pleasure (that exist only in my mind, of course), here is the Grinch cocktail. No, not the Grinch that stole the Christmas, but the Grinch that contains Malibu coconut rum, banana liqueur, melon liqueur and 7-Up soda. More exactly, not to mess the quantities, 1 oz from all the ingredients and 1 splash 7-Up soda. Mix its, pour over ice, wait, shake, strain, drink. Yummy!

4. The Little Green Frog cocktail I think can be found in this top Malibu rum cocktails because of its name, more then only its taste, sounds so kinky, right? This contains a little more Malibu rum, more exactly 6 oz of this fine drink, 8 oz melon liqueur, 6 oz banana liqueur and 2 qt lemon-lime mix. Use a large bowl to prepare the lemon-lime mix, add the other ingredients over it and pour over ice into a big glass.

5. Last, but not least, the Malibu Twister is to be listed. Use 2 parts Malibu coconut rum, 1 part cranberry juice and 2 parts orange juice. Pour the rum into a glass, add the orange juice and cranberry juice and mix.

While the summer is here, enjoy this fresh Malibu rum cocktails and chill in front of TV, while watching the final between Spain and Holland. Ummm….gooooo Spain!

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