Best Jamaican Rum Punch recipe

A friend shared with me some delicious Jamaican Rum Punch recipes and of course, when I see a drink containing any Malibu rum flavor it is a must to share it with my readers.

Here are two recipes for Jamaican Rum Punch, one is made from a little more ingredients and the second one would be a little easier to be made, so let’s see those below. Serving is for 4 persons, we like having Malibu drinks in our friends’ company.

It all starts with 1 cup of coconut rum, 4 cups Bacardi 151 rum, 2 cups dark rum (you choose the label), 10 cups each for orange and pineapple juice, 1 and ½ cup lime juice, 14 tablespoons grenadine syrup and lots of ice cubes.

Get a punch bowl, throw all the ingredients and mix its. You can use any type of glass for this punch, pour the mix over ice cubes. Some say it can be consumed like it is, others say it should be chilled for at least 1 hour in the fridge before serving, thought not using ice cubes. I usually drink it as it is, garnishing with some pineapple slices.

The second Jamaican Rum Punch recipe contains 4 cups water, 1 cup lime, 3 cups strawberry syrup and 2 cups white rum. Does not sound like the above one, and for sure does not taste as well. Follow the same pattern with mixing ingredients, pour over ice cubes, garnish with a lime slice and enjoy.

Malibu Rum

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  1. Both the recipes seem to be easy and it seems that the end product of both recipes would be quite interesting.
    Thanks for sharing the Jamaican Rum Punch recipes.

  2. Just a suggestion try the second one with Wray and Nephew overproofed
    Jamacian Rum and you will think you are in Jamacia. Trust me.

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