Acai Berry cocktail with Malibu coconut rum

We all know how Acai Berry fruits look like, maybe not all of us know what are they good for, but how many folks know how to make an acai berry cocktail with Malibu rum?

Healthy life and acai berry are strictly related while this is probably the most healthiest fruit ever found. It contains an incredible amount of antioxidants and it is lately used by worldwide folks for weight loss, digestive track cleaning, cancer risk reducer, energy gains and many many others.
However, more people use it lately for creating a stunning Acai Berry cocktail with a flavor of coconut from our special drink, Malibu rum. Although it is considered to be a drink for high society, this does not mean folks trying to taste its flavors should not make one for them at home.
Here is a great Acai berry cocktail recipe for Brazilian Mama Acai: use a tall Hurricane glass for this recipe. As ingredients, we should use ½ oz Malibu Rum, ½ oz Banana Liqueur, orange and pineapple juice and, of course, acai berry roots. Mix the ingredients above and shake its well with ice; garnish with a banana or cherry; now you got a fresh, healthy Acai Berry cocktail to serve.

Is the Acai Berry the healthiest fruit available now? Might be, some say it is. Is Acai Berry cocktail with Malibu rum the healthiest cocktail someone can make? I doubt it, but just create one at home and taste it, it’s simply amazing. One word of advice though: best to check your Acai Berry supplier and beware of scams, lately lots of complaints have been heard.

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  1. First time hearing about an “Acai Berry” cocktail but it looks extremely good. Antioxidants are good for you, but too many can prove negative results.

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