151 Caribou Lou

151 Caribou Lou makes the perfect drink after an exhausting day at work when sitting and enjoying the silence or, for the “jilted generation”, as a great party-drink.  This fruity cocktail has its roots in Kansas and this is the quick recipe from Tech N9ne’s song:

151 rum
Pineapple juice, and Malibu, caribou get them all numb!

Ok ok, let’s get deeper into this 151 Caribou Lou recipe while even if it’s not so hard to prepare, it is not so easy as the play says also.The main ingredients for this cocktail are 151 Proof Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum and pineapple juice.

Thinking you will share a drink with your beloved one, here are the ingredients’ measures for two:

Take 3 parts of 151 Proof Rum, 1 part Malibu Coconut Rum and 10 parts pineapple juice, mix those three ingredients in a shaker with some crushed ice and serve decorated with a piece of pineapple, for the whole painting to be done.

However, I should mention this before you drink more than one glass: due to 151’s alcohol content of 75.5%, the 151 Caribou Lou tends to be a drink that some could find a “quick-drinker”. Therefore, follow these two advices and you’ll be safe, until you go to sleep:

1. 151 Proof Rum is flammable, so do not play with fire around it!

2. Even if it’s becoming a cliche, I must remind you: do not drink and drive!

Enjoy 151 Caribou Lou and sleep tight.

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